• The course is WONDERFUL. You simply cannot appreciate how it has enhanced my reading. I felt fairly alone at time, en face de Proust. This course has opened up a world which I sensed, but which I can now piece together.

    Barbara Pilsbury

  • Your lectures have widened my understanding and given me new things to think about. My sincere thanks to you and to Nic. This course has obviously been a labor of love for you two as the course fee is in no way proportionate to the service provided by you.

    Cathy Lamb

  • I am enjoying your fascinating first lecture.

    Peter Albert McKay

  • Thank you, Bill. I am just getting started, have always wanted to read Proust but felt I needed a structured environment. What a great thing for you to do.

    Denise Middlebrooks

  • Enjoying the course—well done. This was my second reading of Proust and to be able to do this within the context of a course gave me so much more than reading it alone. This was fun!

    Deborah Hendel

  • Just writing to tell you that I am loving doing the course—and finally reading Proust properly, something I have wanted to do since living in Paris many years ago. Your guidance, intimate knowledge, and passion for Proust are inspirational.

    Brita Lomba