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William C. Carter

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of French at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His biography Marcel Proust: A Life was selected as a "Notable Book of 2000" by The New York Times. Harold Bloom has written that Carter is "Proust's definitive biographer" and that his more recent book, Proust in Love, is "a marvelous study of the comic splendor of the great novelist's vision of human Eros and its discontents." He co-produced the award-winning documentary film Marcel Proust: A Writer's Life.

In 2013, Yale University Press will publish a new edition of the biography and also Swann's Way, his revised and annotated version of Scott Moncrieff's distinguished translation. Yale U. P. will publish a volume each year until this new edition of In Search of Lost Time is complete. Also in 2013, The Gale Group will publish his edition of the Dictionary of Literary Biography volume (371) on Proust. Carter will receive the Médaille d'Or du Mérite Francophone from the American Delegation of La Renaissance Française.

Nicolas D. Drogoul

Student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, majoring in French and engineering. He spent time in Paris where he developed a passion for photography and began reading Proust's A la recherche du temps perdu. While there Nicolas studied photography under the American photographer and academic Hally Pancer.On a more recent trip to France, he was invited by Pierre Ivanoff of Les Amis de Vinteuil, producer of the music festival Les Journées Musicales de Marcel Proust, to film all the concerts performed during this weekend-long festival in Cabourg. While staying at the Grand-Hotel, where Proust spent every summer from 1907-1914, he photographed elements that still survive from Proust's day and filmed interviews with notable Proust scholars, including Elyane Dezon-Jones and Mireille Naturel.

He has completed work as a research assistant on Proust volumes to be published in the centennial year, Swann's Way by Yale University Press and the Dictionary of Literary Biography volume on Proust, which includes a number of his photographs taken in Illiers-Combray and Paris.

Proust Online A Self-Paced Course

  • 30 Lectures

    30 one-hour lectures with images, photographs, recordings, and other supplementary material.

  • File Cabinet

    Students will have exclusive access to the Proust Course File Cabinet which contains material for each volume.

  • Live Q&A Webcams

    Live Q&A webcams and short supplementary lectures on topics related to Proust's life and work.

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Thank you, Bill. I am just getting started, have always wanted to read Proust but felt I needed a structured environment. What a great thing for you to do..

12.03.2012, by Denise Middlebrooks

The course is WONDERFUL. You simply cannot appreciate how it has enhanced my reading. I felt fairly alone at time, en face de Proust. This course has opened up a world which I sensed, but which I can now piece together.

26.03.2012, by Barbara Pilsbury

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